Welcome to Lilith's House

Warning: This piece contains adult themes, graphic images, and sounds. There are no jump scares or flashing lights.

What happened:

You are beginning to wake up. Your head is pounding, but you don't know why. You remember getting a flat tire on your way to visit your parents and pulling over in front of an ugly, dilapidated house. You remember the spotches of red paint on the sidewalk, and the hand that moved one of the curtains. You remember knocking on the door.

You do not remember the roadblock for the highway exit, or the box of nails sitting in the grass. You do not remember that the hand in the window was much paler than it should've been, or that the red paint on the sidewalk was not paint.

You do not remember how you got inside of the house.

Want some help?

Now that you're awake, you're free to explore by clicking on the highlighted text. If you're not careful, however, you may never leave.

If you want to live, take my advice:

  1. You can rely on no one but yourself. Your guide will try to deceive you into making the wrong choices— do not trust her.
  2. Make sure Lilith can't sneak up on you— keep your sound on.
  3. Avoid the dog at all costs.

Enjoy the tour, friends.

Try not to die along the way.